What Is Debt Hacker?


At Debt Hacker, we are campaigning to put power in the hands of borrowers and help them fight back against exploitative, high-cost lending.

We want a world where people who are choked with debt get treated fairly and can take back control of their money. Borrowers are fed up of being blamed for their problem debt.

We let borrowers know it’s not all their fault - they have a right to be protected from lenders who take advantage of them. It’s time to use those rights now.

By giving honest information and free, easy-to-use online tools, Debt Hacker help people get refunds for loans that should never have been issued in the first place.

It’s time for the high-cost lenders to pay back the costs of unfair debts and change their ways.

This campaign is brought to you by the Non-Profit Company Debt Hacker (Company number 11286435)

Meet the Team

Alan Campbell Debt Hacker Bio Pic.jpeg

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell is a businessman and a campaigner. He believes in standing up for consumers and defending those who are voiceless against unscrupulous business practices.

In 2014-16 Alan led a campaign against utility provider ScottishPower to highlight a warranty mis-selling scandal that saw more than 625,000 consumers lose out on £80m in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The issue was the subject of multiple questions to the Prime Minister and led to a damning inquiry by MPs. An all-party parliamentary group published a report that described “a complex scandal that points to a systemically dishonest board and corporate culture at ScottishPower.”

Now, Alan is focused on creating credit equality for those who are exploited by the financial system or find themselves shut out of it. Having read a 2017 policy paper by the UK’s leading debt charity StepChange,  Alan decided he wanted to help consumers to fight back. Inspired by the work of finance personal expert Sara Williams and her Debt Camel website, Alan founded Debt Hacker, a campaign to put power in the hands of borrowers and help them fight back against rip-off lending.

Alan wants to see a world where people with problem debt are treated fairly and the lenders have to play by the rules. Alan is also an entrepreneur and is investing in innovative solutions and new technologies that might help create a fairer and more ethical credit system for all.


Team Debt Hacker

Debt Hacker Team.jpg

Alan asked a team of experienced campaigners and creatives to help him set up Debt Hacker.

They are:

Alban, a visual producer and campaigner operating in Northern and Western Europe. Since 2014, he has been working alongside various social justice and environmental organisations to secure a safe environment for communities and a sustainable climate for the future.

Ben, a digital marketing expert at Montfort who focuses on social good organisations. With experience in working for International NGOs, Government and Grassroots Organisations, Ben brings a wealth of experience to help causes scale their digital presences quickly and effectively.

Iain, who has over 20 years' experience as a journalist, author and copywriter, working with national newspapers, major publishers, charities and quangos.

Lily, who has campaigned on poverty and human rights issues with UK NGOs and the U.N. for over 15 years.

Paul, creative director at @devsociety_ working with some of the world’s largest campaigning and development NGOs.

Rachel, known as the Donor Whisperer, who helps nonprofits reach new supporters and deepen connections with existing ones. She has worked on digital campaigns for charities for over twenty years.

Rhona, who has 20 years' communications experience, working with global brands on lifesaving campaigns as well as community building at a grass roots level.