It’s time for payday lenders to pay up

Have you been choked by debt from payday loans? Debt Hacker could help you get money back and fix your credit score. We're a free service and we make no profit. With Debt Hacker you get to keep 100% of your refund.

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Thousands of complaints made

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Debt Hacker has processed 3,508 complaints against payday lenders, with a total loan value of £1,587,505 that borrowers have claimed against.

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“I thought I was at my LOWEST point. payday LENDERS TOOK me EVEN LOWER.”


29, Manchester

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Debt Hacker is a tool to help consumers submit complaints about payday lenders. Alan Campbell, a former financial services professional who is funding the set-up costs, said: “There are 8.3 million people burdened with over indebtedness through unaffordable lending. It’s massive.”

Financial Times: “Activists try to close down more high-cost lenders”

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For too long, people have been saying to borrowers you’re feckless, you’re responsible for getting into this situation. But for even longer, payday lenders like Wonga have left people in unsolvable financial situations. We’re here to try to change that.

BBC Radio 4: Making lenders bear the costs of unaffordable loans

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The free-to-use website allows anyone who has ever taken out a payday loan or is still paying off debts to a lender to raise a complain directly to their lenders.

The Sun: New tool to help millions claim refunds from payday lenders

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Debt Hacker is a free service that operates on a not-for-profit basis. Most of us are aware of the dangers of payday loans, but Danny Cheetham's story goes to show just how quickly things can spiral out of control.

Save The Student: “My first payday loan was £100 for a night out. 10 years later I was in £26k of debt”


What Next?

Debt Hacker is campaigning to put power in the hands of borrowers and help them fight back against exploitative, high-cost lending. We want a world where people with problem debt get treated fairly and can take back control of their money.

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