Miranda's Story.png

Miranda, Bristol

Living on benefits and eager to please her only child, Miranda took out a payday loan to create a magical Christmas. Only she didn’t have a payday coming any time soon. Once the tinsel was down, the bills started to roll in. And they haven’t stopped since.

Debt Hacker Danny's Payday Loans Story.jpg

Danny, Manchester

When Danny hit rock bottom, his repayments were £2,000 per month. He thinks he has paid £19,000 back in total. But he was left with nothing but shame and letters from debt collectors.

Debt Hacker Jill's Payday Loans Story 1.jpg

Jill, Manchester

Jill was working two jobs to make ends meet when her daughter got sick. As a single parent, Jill wanted to make sure that her daughter didn’t miss out. So Jill took out her first payday loan to pay the bills.

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Jonathan, London

Jonathan started getting into debt at an early age, applying for credit even before he turned 18, and is still digging his way out now.