Alan Campbell speaks to RT UK about Debt Hacker and Payday Loans

Debt Hacker founder Alan Campbell was interviewed on RT News as part of our campaign exposing how payday lenders seek to exploit the worst-off .

Below is a clip from the interview, or read on for the interview transcript to see how Debt Hacker is helping people win compensation from high cost lenders using our free payday loans complaints tool.

RT: Earlier I was joined by campaigner Alan Campbell he told me that with so many defaulting debtors lenders are simply reaping what they sow.

Alan Campbell: Lenders have to be responsible and lend only to those who can afford to repay.

For too long the lenders have relied on is what they class as a “willing struggle”.

They lend money to people who they know will struggle to repay ,but because most people take repaying a loan responsibly, they go without bill payments, kids miss dinners and more, mainly because these lenders should never have lent that money in the first place. But people struggle to know that.

What we're saying is that when people understand what unaffordable lending looks like, they will put down the struggle, stop struggling with these loans and make a complaint.

ff those loans were unaffordable they can get back all of the interest and all of the charges that you have ever spent on these loans.

RT: What advice would you give somebody who's in debt how would they get out of trouble?

Alan Campbell: For people who are struggling with debt, there's lots of agencies out there that you can you can apply for for support.

But the first thing that I would suggest that the do is to go into say, because if you're struggling with a debt just know then that law and probably shouldn't have been sold to you it probably as unaffordable.

So get on and be one of the 500,000 people this year that are gonna make complaints against unaffordable loans.

Get those loans removed from your credit score and get back all of the money that you've wasted on interest in charges with these unaffordable loans.

Debt Hacker want a world where people with problem debt get treated fairly and can take back control of their money. Try our payday lenders complaint tool.

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