Ensuring the protection of your personal data

What we’ve implemented

We have recently updated our online tool to help to ensure the protection of your personal data, stop any scams and also to assist the PayDay lenders in replying and dealing with your complaint.

PayDay lenders are using data protection concerns as an excuse not to deal with Debt Hacker and put you off making your claim.

Debt Hacker has changed the system so there can be no excuses!

This means that we now require you to supply proof of ID so there can be no doubt for the lender that you are who you say you are.  This can be done by simply taking a photograph of your ID such as your passport or driving licence on your mobile phone and uploading it to our tool.


When sending a Subject Access Request and/or a complaint to a lender it’s important that the lender can verify you are who you say you are.

On 25th May 2018, a law was introduced throughout Europe entitled the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This law protects how companies use, process and share your personal information. 

The need for photographic ID is imperative as there have been occurrences where the process of Subject Access Requests has been taken advantage of to gain personal information. Many lenders will not proceed with your claim without this proof of identity as they say that it is to protect your data.

Now they have no excuses, as long as you do your part and supply the photographic ID.

Without supplying this ID as proof of our instruction to request the data, the lender can refuse to deal with Debt Hacker and you will not get back what you are owed.

Who we are and why you should continue to use us

Debt Hacker is a completely free service to represent the people affected by debt through payday loans.  We hold lenders accountable to the rules they are governed by and fight to get you back the money that you are owed.  We operate on a not for profit basis and ensure you retain 100% of the monies owed to you.  We have currently processed over 20,000 complaints against payday lenders with a total loan value of nearly £9,000,000 that borrowers have claimed against.

As a borrower, you are well within your unfettered right to make complaints by whichever method you deem appropriate, which includes Debt Hacker.

The new step in our ID verification process is just another step we have taken to ensure your personal information remains safe and the process is as streamlined as possible.

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