Who or what is Debt Hacker and what do you do with my data?

Debt Hacker is a 100% independent campaigning organisation, which exists solely to help borrowers who have been ripped off by payday lenders.

We do not charge for the use of the Debt Hacker complaints tool and will never sell on your data. You won’t be receiving calls or emails from either payday lenders or claims management companies as a result of using our website. If you give permission, we may contact you to ask how your complaint is going, or with updates about the campaign.

Unlike the claims management companies, we do not make any money from your complaint. We simply want to change the face of the lending industry and rid it of unscrupulous lenders.

We are not here to make profits from the misery or problems of those who have found themselves in problem debt because of the actions of payday lenders.

Debt Hacker was founded by Alan Campbell and run by a highly-experienced team. If you have any more questions about our campaign or how we work, please do get in touch.

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